New Year, taking charge

Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

Ahh, the last time I “blogged” was probably in middle school on Live Journal. I promise that this will be a bit more refined!

I got the idea to start this blog because a lot of people ask me for my recipes. I tend to make a lot of stuff up on the spot, so this gives me the chance to figure out what I’m actually doing in the kitchen. I cook for myself most nights of the week and go out to eat very rarely. It’s more cost efficient, I know what I’m putting into my body and the majority of the time I feel like I could make it better! The recipes I share will be a mix of dishes from my Palestinian heritage and my take on the American classics I grew up with. I collect a lot of recipes and I ask my friends to show me how they make the yummy things they eat and I’m excited to have a platform to share them with you!

Happy hearts and happy tum tums,




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